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SIP and Urban Districts Interlinked in Sewer System

Sewer piping network in the urban districts of Suzhou City is now interlinked up with that in SIP, and the sewer water treatment plants for the urban districts, which have reached their saturation points, are now provided with outlets to the SIP sewer treatment plant.

Since the project began in 2003 to build sewer access to every household in the urban districts, over 80% of the sewer water from residential areas in the central urban districts has been accommodated into the sewer pipeline system, and consequently, coupled by the increased water consumption, the volume of sewer water to be treated has risen drastically and the four treatment plants in these districts have been running beyond their capacities, their designed daily treatment capacity being 192,500 tons and the actual volume being treated reaching 200,000 to 220,000 tons.

To cope with the situation, the Municipal Sewer Management Office, along with East City Sewer Treatment Plant, construction teams, and quality supervisory organs, conducted a preliminary engineering experiment on the linkage with the independent SIP sewer system on June 29, and the two systems became mutually accessible by July 17, which makes emergency outlet possible for urban sewer water.

July 22, 2007

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