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SIP Int'l Science Park Claims Half of Outsourced Software Service of the Province

It was reported from the working conference of software industry of Jiangsu Province held in Wuxi recently that 5 software enterprises in SIP International Science Park were elected to be top ten software enterprises of Jiangsu Province.

The 5 enterprises on the list of top ten are: Suzsoft, Qimonda IT, WDCSoft, Global Advantage, and Linkstec Software.

SIP Int'l Science Park is the home of 90% of Suzhou's cluster of software enterprises, which exported a total value of software of US$ 37 million in the first half of the year, comprising 40% that of the province. By June this year, 85 software enterprises in the park had been certified by the State, of which 50 are designated as the first technologically-advanced type of enterprises. SIP Int'l Science Park, a focus of modern service industrial clustering of Suzhou municipality and Jiangsu Province, has all along been deepening its service with policies, financing facilities, public technological platform, and talent training to foster the growth of overseas outsourced software service. In pushing forward the cooperation with Europe and America in software R&D and outsourced service, the Park has established strategic cooperation partnerships with N.C. China Center of USA, Carnegie Mellon University International Software Institute, and signed a cooperation MOU with Microsoft China on SaaS project to assist software enterprises of Suzhou and the rest of China in developing SaaS-based software. SuzSoft in SIP signed a cooperation agreement with DataMate, famous IT enterprise of India, on the largest outsourced service project so far, with plans to build a 1,500-employee outsourced service base in SIP for the first phase. Besides, the Park is working closely with Sipac in attracting the returned Chinese students from USA and Japan. In July, Suzhou Industrial Park was conferred with the title of the first "outsourced service demonstration base in China" by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Information Industry, and Ministry of Science and Technology.

At the same conference, Nandasoft in SIP Int'l Park was elected among the top ten software enterprises of Jiangsu Province in terms of business revenue and R&D financial input.

July 20, 2007

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