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NCS and SIP to Jointly Develop Outsourced Service

NCS (National Computer Systems) of Singapore and SIP Administrative Committee signed an agreement on joint development of outsourced service, by which a world-class large outsourced service center will be built in China to provide IT services in application development, software development, business procedure and IT management.

NCS is one of the internationally acknowledged top 50 outsourced service providers in the world, whereas SIP is the new emerging "Chinese outsourced service base" with excellent infrastructure and superior policies.

According the MOU of the agreement, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in IT personnel by innovative an intensive IT training programs to improving the IT levels of the local and the provincial institutions of higher learning. NCS will collaborate with universities in designing and developing the training curriculums and provide trainees with opportunities of practice.

The two sides will launch a global promotion campaign to introduce the rich experience of NCS in outsourced service, the adequate logistics facilities in Suzhou, and the combined superiority of NCS and SIP to win over domestic and international outsourced service market.

NCS, currently having over 650 Chinese employees in Chengdu, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong, attaches great importance to the long-term training of its employees, and its China operation has been authenticated with international CMMI5 certificate of IT service provider. Its next goal is to obtain ISO certification on quality control procedure and information management.

July 13, 2007

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