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Cold Spring Harbor Lab Asian Convention Center to Locate in Suzhou

The construction of Phase-1 of SIP BioBay came to a successful conclusion on June 29, and the construction of Phase-2 came right under way. At the grand opening ceremony on the day, an agreement was signed between Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of USA and SIP Science Park on the entry of the former's Asian Convention Center in the science park. The BioBay has thus become the home of tow international-level scientific and industrial clusters, the industrial cluster of bio-genetics engineering represented by Asian Convention Center, and the nanotech industrial cluster represented by CAS Institute of Nanotech and Nanobionics. Present at the opening ceremony to witness the signing was Mr. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, and Mr. Bruce Stillman, CEO of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

The BioBay is located in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town with a land area of 863,000m2 and a total floorage of 1 million square meters, offered to research and development, enterprise pioneering, and industrial backup services. The first phase, completed recently on 136,000m2 of land with 156,0002 of constructed area, include R&D buildings, experimentation buildings, and incubation units, with public apparatus platform, GLP animal experimental enter, and backup facilities.

With the commencement of its phase-2 construction, BioBay more clearly takes on the feature of working towards the formation of industrial chains, the clustering of high-level talents, and interactive industrial information.

Cold Spring Harbor Lab is internationally acknowledged leader in the research of cancer, genetic engineering, and bio-information with the reputation of "sacred place of world's life science". The location of Asian Convention Center in BioBay will make it possible to organize top-level academic meetings and introduce the most advanced academic information to the region, and to attract large numbers of innovative biological industrial enterprises and talents into SIP. Prof. James Watson, the Nobel Prize winner and "father of DNA", has readily accepted the invitation to work as the first scientific consultant of BioBay.

Also announced at the celebration ceremony was the entry of some dozen hi-tech bionanotech enterprises set up by returned overseas Chinese scientists in the BioBay,

June 28, 2007

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