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SIP to Build the Third National Innovation Park

SIP BioBay (Phase One) was formally put into operation on June 27, and more importantly, the SIP's application for the project of "national nanotech park for international innovation", based on the NanoBay, was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology. Being the third national-level innovation park, the nanotech innovation park will be built in SIP jointly by the Ministry and Jiangsu Province, which will greatly uplift the level of nanotech research and industrialization in SIP and speed up the formation of the largest nanotech industrial base in China with a nanotech industrial cluster, expected to turn out annual output value of 10 billion RMB.

The national nanotech international innovation park, characterized by government guidance, leading roles of research institutions and enterprises, the participation by tertiary institutions, and market-driven operation, will aim to be the world-class nanotech R&D and industrial park through internationalization and industrial localization. The objective for the next 5 years will be to build 3 world-class strategic alliances that combine production, teaching and research, 3 internationally-allied major laboratories, and 3 internationalized engineering research institutes.

The national nanotech international innovation park will rely primarily on CAS Suzhou Nanotech and Nanobionics Institute, SIP BioBay, and CAS Nanotech Industrialization Base, with backup support of Dushu Lake Higher Education Town. SIP BioBay, as the core area occupying 863,000m2 of land, will chiefly provide R&D and industrialization backup services. The Buildings A2 and A3, with a total floorage of 72,000m2, was already put into use last March, and another 200,000m2 will be added within the year.

June 27, 2007

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