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SIP Holds First Sino-European Logistics Forum

The 1st Sino-European Logistics Forum, having concluded its agenda in Shanghai, moved on to SIP to resume its sessions on June 20. The current forum was jointly organized by China-Europe Education Research Fund of EU, Antai Economy and Management School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Suzhou Logistics Center, and focused on the theme of "logistic strategy and operation in the economic globalization".

Suzhou Logistic Center, located in the east of SIP, is one of the three earliest land-based through port approved by the State for experimentation, which has successfully attracted the entry of over 20 prestigious domestic and overseas logistic enterprises, and is serving over 1,000 manufacturing enterprises in logistic operation. Last December, the State Council approved the construction of comprehensive bonded zone in SIP and made the area one of the most special and open zones in China with complete functions.

Invited to the current forum are large-scale manufacturing enterprises, logistic enterprises, and logistic experts from Central Europe. The discussions were centered around the strategic cooperation among enterprises of China and Europe and the improvement and progress of modern logistic technology.

June 20, 2007

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