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SIP to Cooperate with HK and Finland in Nanotech

Suzhou Industrial Park is going all out to carry out international cooperation and exchange in its efforts to build "national nanotech park for international innovation". Mr. Su Bo, General Coordinator of Nanotech Group under the Technological Cooperation Committee between Hinterland and Hong Kong, lately visited Hong Kong and schedule a working conference in July with the aim to promote the nanotech industries in SIP through SIP-HK joint efforts.

In the meantime, SIP has been involved in the work of Sino-Finish Nanotech Planning Work Group, an organization set up by Ministry of Science and Technology and Finish National Bureau of Technology. One of the first recommended projects for the group is the cooperation project between SIP Nanotech Institute and Helsinki University, for which the Finish Nanotech delegation visited SIP on June 8 to conduct full exchanges on the cooperation project and to explore the extent of such cooperation.

June 15, 2007

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