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GC China Management HQ to Locate in SIP

Mr. Makoto Nakao, President of GC Co., Ltd. of Japan, paid a visit to Sipac on June 5 and had a cordial exchange of views with Ma Minglong, Chairman of Sipac.

GC Company first invested in SIP in July 2002 to set up GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a manufacturing facility for dentist equipment and biomedical materials chiefly for export. Mr. Makoto briefed Ma Minglong on the global development of the company, and announced two important decisions from the headquarters. One of the decisions is to increase investment in the construction of phase-2 workshop and to strive to win the "Daiming Award", and the other is to reorganize its branches in Suzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, and make Suzhou the site of GC China headquarters, and meanwhile to expand the volume of sales on the China market.

Ma Minglong gave positive support for the decisions of GC Company in phase-2 construction and the establishment of GC HQ in SIP. He also suggested that GC Suzhou company would set up a R&D institution to fully utilize the local human and information resources in developing products geared to the demands of the Chinese market. The president expressed that the R&D setup would be included in the company’s medium and long-term development plans.

GC Corporation was first founded in 1921 to produce medical machinery and dentist equipment and related medical products. More than 400 varieties of its products are being sold in over 100 countries and regions around the world. The company has become the first largest in Japan and second largest in the world in terms of development and manufacturing, and won international renown for its efficient management. In 2000, GC won the Japanese Daiming Award, one of the three major awards for quality in the world, and in 2004, won the highest award, the Japanese Quality Management Award.

June 7, 2007

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