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Ambassador Zhang Xiaokang Discusses with Nanotech Experts of Singapore

Ms. Zhang Xiaokang, Ambassador of China to Singapore, had a discussion with some dozen nonotech experts from National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic University, and Science & Technology Bureau of Singapore.

The scholars at the discussion introduced the achievements in their respective research fields, and the ambassador gave an outlined introduction on the prospects and orientation of Sino-Singapore technological exchange and cooperation, with emphasis on the future development of Suzhou Industrial Park.

Suzhou Industrial Park, now listed as the 45th national hi-tech industrial park, breeds powerful impetus to the industrialization of scientific achievements and the upgrading of national industries. China and Singapore are ready to enter agreements on IPR protection and other issues, and Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology is planning to carry out in-depth and more extensive cooperation with Singapore and to build a platform for international technological research and development and innovation, for which the experts put forward a number of constructive proposals.

June 5, 2007

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