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Energy Consumption Evaluation: A Precondition for Project Approval

Official control over projects of high energy consumption is the key to energy conservation. According sources in Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, all new industrial projects that consume energy of over 3,000 tons of standard coal must be subjected to energy evaluation before, and those failing to meet the requirements of the evaluation shall be vetoed down by authorities. The first to be put under such evaluation was a Taiwanese-invested project in SIP, and because it passed the evaluation on May 22, the project was in the final processing for approval.

Previously, there were evaluations on environment and safety in project approvals, but the energy consumption was overlooked in the project examination. Now the government is determined to enforce energy consumption evaluation, and the measure is now officially put into effect. In the examination of feasibility reports of projects, some 15 items of requirements are listed for energy consumption. The prospective enterprises may seek the assistance of qualified agencies to conduct pre-evaluation before the feasibility report is submitted to government department for official examination, which will be carried out by experts. Only after that can the project application be delivered to departments concerned for final approval.

May 23, 2007

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