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The First SIP Market of HR Agents Soon to Open

SIP Labor and Social Security Bureau gave a briefing on May 10 on the market of HR agents in SIP, elaborating on the purpose, significance, and management requirements on the operation of the market. 5 HR agencies, including Humanpool, Bridge HR, and Jinchang, signed agreements on the entry of the market on the same occasion, and some twenty HR organizations make reservations in the market.

At the moment, more than 100 HR agencies have entered SIP due to the thriving labor market. As a trial attempt to maintain an orderly labor market and to protect the legal rights of employers and employees, SIP labor authorities have initiated the opening of a market, which is given the following functions: to promote employment and ensure HR supply in service of the SIP economy; to guide and conventionalize HR agencies onto healthy development; to foster newly established HR agencies, especially those oriented to incubation of local residents’ ventures; and to open up more options to assist in providing job opportunities for unemployed peasants.

The first HR agency market will be formally put into use on May 18 at Loufeng HR Market. Based on the experience of operation of the market, the SIP labor and social security department is planning to set up similar markets in Weiting and Shengpu Townships.

May 11, 2007

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