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Over 30 Fortune-500 Enterprises Set Up R&D Centers in Suzhou

19 foreign-invested research and development centers in Suzhou, including Emerson Climate Technology (Suzhou) R&D Co., Ltd., were lately certified as foreign-invested R&D institutions of Jiangsu Province, adding up to 74 foreign-funded R&D centers in Suzhou and comprising 79% of the total in the whole province.

The mouse of Logitech, computers of Accer, and other hi-tech IT products in prominent positions of the world market, all come from Suzhou. Information industry and IT manufacturing in Suzhou has become an important base for production, export, and processing of information and IT products, such as LCD, mainboards, laptop computers, drivers, keyboards, scanners, mouses, etc. The formation of manufacturing chains in electronic IT, bio-medicine, integrated electrical machinery, fine chemical, and new materials in Suzhou has markedly upgraded the industrial structures and laid a sound foundation for sustainable development of the local economy.

In the accelerated course of economic globalization and renewed competition, the externally-oriented Suzhou is taking initiatives to encourage the establishment of R&D centers by promulgating a series of statutory regulations, notably, "Opinion on Encouraging and Attracting Overseas and Domestic R&D Institutions" and "Management Methods for Introduction of Foreign and Chinese R&D Institutions", which stipulate preferential policies and government funding for the establishment of R&D centers or branches, major laboratories, corporate technology centers, engineering research enters, and post-doctorate workstations, etc. in SIP and SND by large enterprises, groups, tertiary institutions, and research institutions.

Currently, of the 113 Fortune-500 enterprises in Suzhou, over 30 have set up R&D centers. The municipal authorities also encourage foreign R&D centers to set up their branches in Suzhou. The investment of such institutions normally ranges from 5 to 7 million US dollars, but the highest amounted to USD 60 million. Most of them fall into the categories of electronics, machinery, and telecommunications, mainly located in Kunshan City, SIP, and SND.

May 10, 2007

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