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SIP Breeds Job Creation

April 27 saw the inauguration of three training schools at Dushu Lake Higher Education Town: SIP Zhengdao Education & Training Center, Oracle University Training Center, and Digital China Education College. Present at the ceremony were leaders and representatives of Xi’an Jiaotong University Postgraduate School, Zhengdao Training Center, Oracle China Co., Digital China Group, Suzhou Municipal Personnel Bureau, Suzhou Software Office, SIP Technological Development Bureau, SIP Personnel and Organization Bureau, and Administrative Office for Higher Education, etc.

The three training centers are all backed up by prestigious education institutions. Zhengdao Training Center, relyong on the management school of Xi'an Jiaotong University in training of high-level enterprise managers in the fields of administration, human resource, and operation, will provide quality consulting service in management. The Oracle University-authorized training center is supported by Oracle, the largest software enterprise, to carry out database and ERP training programs. Digital China Education and Training College, the largest domestic IT training service provider, will offer all kinds of training in software technicians, IT technology, and manufacturing industries for enterprises through its branch in SIP.

At the inauguration ceremony, the representatives of the three training centers outlined their training programs and expressed their determination to contribute to the development of SIP by turning out senior talents for SIP enterprises.

The establishment of the training centers will add vigor and vitality to the job-creation efforts in SIP and help to build up a talent fostering system with wide coverage of training modules.

April 29, 2007

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