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Suzhou Software Testing Center Wins Microsoft "Innovation Hero" Award

At the Microsoft Innovation Conference on April 20, Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. was the only winner of the grand prize, "innovation hero", among domestic software enterprises.

Wang Xiaochun (third from left), representing Suzhou Software
Testing Center, received the award at the conference.

The conference was held at the Centennial Auditorium of Beijing University to review the innovative achievements of institutions of higher education and industrial circles. Bill Gates attended the conference and delivered a speech under the theme of "innovation". He also personally awarded the prizes to the outstanding representatives from universities and enterprises, among which Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. was the only representative to win the title of honor as "innovation hero" for innovative achievement in public technological service.

Suzhou Software Testing Center, committed to the construction, operation and maintenance of public technological service platform at Suzhou Software Park, has over the past two years worked in an innovative spirit and constantly improved the service role of the platform.

The testing center differs from most software public platform in that the center operates the platform as an entity, instead of once-for-all equipment input, and gives equal priority to the training of high-level technical team and high-quality technological service as equipment building. The integrated planning and implementation by stages enable the center to grow in a sustainable way.

To improve the quality assurance of software enterprises in Suzhou, the testing center focuses main service on software testing, information monitoring, technical training. By March 2007, the service-conscious center had provided 543 items of product registration and testing service, 99 items in technological testing, 28 items in information engineering supervisory service, and held 34 seminars and 82 days' training. The center has also cooperated with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and other internationally prestigious manufacturers to set up combined laboratories to speedily introduce the latest software technologies and cooperation projects to the local software enterprises.

By ceaseless efforts and innovation, Suzhou Software Testing Center brings in not only the latest technologies to the software industry of Suzhou, but also financial and market opportunities and mew business operation modes for the promotion of the local software economy.

April 20, 2007

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