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Suzhou's Industrial Output Value Hit 400 Billion RMB
in the First Quarter

Sources from Municipal Bureau of Statistics reveal that in the first quarter of this year, Kunshan City registered nearly 45 billion RMB output value of electronic and IT manufacturing industry, Suzhou Industrial Park 25 billion, Wujiang City 20 billion, and Suzhou New District 20 billion, altogether making up 89.7% that of the whole municipality. SIP and SND, along with Kunshan and Wujiang, constitute the major bases of electronic and IT manufacturing industry, the No.1 largest manufacturing industry of Suzhou. In the first quarter, the electronic and IT industry collected a total of 125.251 billion RMB in output value, which increased by 17% over the corresponding period of last year and comprising 36.1% of all industrial output value.

Industrial economy of Suzhou has been growing on a high plane since the beginning of the year, the total value reaching 412.929 billion RMB for the first quarter with an increase of 26%. Of the 111.868 billion in new and hi-tech industries, SIP claims larger proportion than any other city or district by hitting 28.814 billion.

April 18, 2007

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