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Suzhou-based Taiwan Entrepreneurs Survey SSIP

A study group of over 20 entrepreneurs of Taiwan with business investment in Suzhou arrived in Suqian Municipality for field surveys, led by Chu Genyuan, Vice-director of Suzhou Municipal Office of Taiwan Affairs, and accompanied by Xu Huimin, Executive Member of CPC Suqian Municipal Committee and Executive Vice-mayor of Suqian, and Shen Xiaoying, Vice-mayor of Suqian, Secretary of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park (SSIP) Party Working Committee and Chairman of SSIP Administrative Committee.

At the presentation and discussion, the Taiwanese investors saw a documentary film entitled "Choosing Suqian", listened to the briefing on the development goals, management system, development advantages, and preferential policies concerning investment, and inquired into the land use prices, investment intensity, and the local social orders. At the meeting chaired by Shen Xiaoying, Xu Huimin told the guests that Suqian was new city at prefectual level through 10 year's development course, now entering the initial stage of industrialization, and an ideal place for investment for its convenient transportation, preferential policies, and rich labor resources, good ecological conditions and social order. He expressed invitation to the guests for future trips on behalf of the municipal party committee and government.

Accompanied by Shen Xiaoying and others, the group visited the urban area of Suqian, the lakeshores, and SSIP in high spirit. The picturesque ecological environment left a deep impression on the visitors.

April 14, 2007

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