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Microsoft to Set Up First Innovation Center in Suzhou

On April 10, Mr. Dan'l Lewin, Global Microsoft Vice-president, visited SIP International Technology Park to study the development of software industry of Suzhou and to have exchange of views with departments concerned on risk investment, HPC scheme, AssS project, the plan of Microsoft Innovation Center, and animation industry.

The cooperation between Suzhou software Park and Microsoft can be traced to 2005, when Suzhou Software Testing Center and Microsoft (China) Platform and Cooperation Department jointly established an allied laboratory, and ever since then, the latest  Microsoft technologies have been introduced to Suzhou through training programs and seminars at a synchronized pace as Beijing and Shanghai.

In August 2006, the Microsoft SaaS incubation project was launched in Suzhou, which is the first in China and the only one in the whole of Asia and puts Suzhou's software products an advantageous position to spread by network service.

In October 2006, the 2nd Microsoft Software Enterprises Summit was convened in SIP International Technology Park, where all the major software entrepreneurs gathered to map out the future of China's software industry.

In January 2007, the first "Microsoft IP Venture Demo Zone" was established in SIP International Technology Park to demonstrate the patented Microsoft technologies and related visual programs, which is playing an increasingly important role in helping software enterprises of Suzhou to improve technological capabilities and to explore new business modes.

During Dan'l Lewin's visit in Suzhou, plans on risk investment, SaaS project, and Microsoft Innovation Center are frequent topics in the discussion with the local hosts. SIP Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (CSVC) has established relations of cooperation with Microsoft's risk investment team, and the SaaS project, which started in last August thanks to the superior hardware support and technological service and great number of potential customers, has attracted over 40 enterprises. The two sides will push forward the SaaS concept and the implementation of incubator. Based on such in-depth cooperation, Microsoft is considering to establish its first China-based innovation center in Suzhou and to train a team for technical R&D and business promotion.

April 12, 2007

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