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A Successful Presentation  in Tokyo on SIP New Industries

A briefing on new industries of SIP was successfully given at Pacific Hotel, Tokyo, on the afternoon of April 9. Invited to the meeting were over 200 representatives from technological enterprises and R&D institutions of Tokyo in software, animation, creative industries, enterprises of tertiary industry in logistics and trade, and the mainstream Japanese media and Chinese and overseas Chinese media offices in Tokyo, technology agencies and Chinese students, and Tokyo business and journalist circles.

The briefing was sponsored by SIP Administrative Committee in coordination with Chinese Embassy in Japan, Japanese Council for International Trade Promotion, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., and Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank. Yang Jianzhong, Deputy Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, presided over the meeting, and Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac, and Ma Jisheng, Councilor of Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, delivered speeches. Representatives from apanese Council for International Trade Promotion, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., and Renesas Semiconductor, and Nippon Property Insurance Co. also took floor at the meeting. Zhong Bo, Director of SIP Bureau of Investment Promotion, gave a presentation on the development of new industries in SIP, outlining the upgrading of SIP industries, technological advancement, and plan to redouble tertiary industries.

Ma Minglong points out in his speech that Suzhou Industrial Park is the largest cooperation project between the governments of China and Singapore and has been growing at an annual rate of 30% in all major targets under direct support of the leaders of the two countries. SIP enjoys is accorded with all the policies concerning both economic development zones and hi-tech development zones, and has attracted over a hundred Furtune-500 enterprises including the successfully operating Panasonic, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Sumitomo, etc.

Ma says that SIP is open to the entire world with vigor and vitality, whereas Tokyo is a place of concentration for Japanese businesses and technologies, and there is great potential for cooperation between SIP and Tokyo. He expresses cordial invitation to all the businesses representatives present to visit SIP and to find for themselves the world-class investment climate, infrastructure, and pro-business service in SIP.

There was lively exchange during the meeting. The professionals and decision- makers in Tokyo technology and service sectors present showed keen interest in the development of technology and service industries in SIP. Ma Minglong also answered the questions raised about policies concerning investment in technology and service industries. Attendees at the meeting expressed admiration for the high efficiency in SIP and some of the enterprises in technology and service sector expressed their intentions to invest in SIP with confidence.

Prior to the briefing, Ma Minglong accepted the interview by a number of Japanese and Chinese media, and answered questions about the main direction of industrial development and policies concerning investment environment in SIP.

The SIP delegation arrived in Tokyo on April 6, and during its stay, visited a number of Japanese companies and banks, and had in-depth discussion with them on the investment climate and policies in SIP.

The next destination for the delegation will be Osaka, where a briefing will be given on new industries development in SIP. It is anticipated that the promotion campaign in Osaka will attract more Japanese technological and service enterprises to develop in SIP.

April 11, 2007

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