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Microsoft VSTS Show Launched in Suzhou

A traveling show of Microsoft Visual Studio 2006 Team System (VSTS) was unveiled at SIP International Technology Park (Suzhou Software Park) on April 7.

Ever since the launching of Visual Studio 2005 product series by Microsoft in China, more and more enterprises are beginning to adopt Visual Studio Team System in application programming because the system, based on integration of Microsoft's 30 years' experience in software development, can provides full-cycle support and management of software development for corporate customers and software developers.

The VSTS show is aimed to help the users of Microsoft technologies to improve their software development capabilities to a big margin. The first of a series of traveling demonstrations and jointly sponsored by Suzhou Net Development Club and Microsoft China, the show embraces a summary of VSTS solutions, the methodology based on MSF4.0 and supportive environment for VSTS, brief account of software life cycle, corporate source code and BUG administration, etc., which demonstrate the way VSTS assists development personnel in raising productivity and construct reliable software. A great many software technicians from around the International Technology Park attended the activity.

April 11, 2007

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