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SIP Passes Provincial Examination for National Ecological Demonstration Park

The provincial evaluation group, organized by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Environmental Protection, finished the 2-day survey and investigation on April 4 on the work of SIP to build national ecological demonstration industrial park, and announced the result with high appraisal of the environment conditions in SIP, making SIP the first to pass the examination and evaluation for national demonstration park.

A major project of cooperation between the governments of China and Singapore, SIP has maintained an annual growth rate of 40%, and ranks on top of all development zones in China in terms of comprehensive development index. SIP has initially chartered a development road of high yielding, low energy consumption, pollution-free, and new type of industrialization with well-coordinated growth and sharp competitiveness.

The concept of national ecological demonstration industrial park stands for a new type of industrial organization based on recycled economy and industrial ecology with the aim to reduce waste to the minimum and carry out exchanges and reuse of waste and by-products among the various plants and enterprises to achieve environmental protection and ecological greenery. Reportedly, the National Bureau of Environmental Protection has put 25 regions on the list for experimentation of building national ecological demonstration park, but none has so far been finally accepted in examination.

Since SIP was approved to carry out the experimentation by the National Bureau in 2004, it has strictly followed the principle of giving priority to environmental and ecological protection, and put forth specific requirements and objectives for enterprises, industries, communities, social organizations, and government organs. Some 80 investment projects totaling USD 500 million, which failed to meet the standards of environmental protection, were resolutely disapproved and negated by SIP authorities. At present, over a hundred enterprises in SIP have been built into recycled economy demonstration enterprises.

In strict adherence to the "Standards for Comprehensive Ecological Industrial Park", SIP has realized the added comprehensive industrial value of 10,000 RMB on the average by 0.46 tons of standard coal, 8.97 cubic meters of fresh water, 7.1 tons of waste water, and emission of 0.35 kg of COD, and 0.47 bisulphate oxygen, which put SIP in an advanced position in Jiangsu Province and the whole of China. A solid foundation has been laid for in SIP for the final acceptance by National Bureau of Environmental Protection by the end of the year.

April 5, 2007

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