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Suzhou STCA Center to Open in October

Suzhou Science, Technology, Culture and Art Center, the eye-catching crescent-shaped "bird nest" off the shore of Jinji Lake, will open to the public in the coming October. A major project to benefit the citizens of Suzhou, the Center will add a favorite spot of cultural and art, and popular science education. Prior to the official opening, the grand theater, the dining theater, film exhibition hall, F&B and business center will first be opened for service.

The whole complex occupies a land of 138,000m2 with a total floorage of 150,000m2, functionally divided into performing arts, F&B, science exhibition, film city, and business center, which altogether cost 1.89 billion RMB investment. The grand theater, designed in the form of the internationally popular thrust stage with a seating capacity of 1,200, will suit the needs of classic operas, large-scale symphony, Chinese and Western operas, and comprehensive art performances. The Hongling Show Theater can hold 500 spectators at modern operas, dramas, Jazz and pop music performances. The 2,000m2 Film City includes a circular movie theater, film projection halls with 150 and 300 seats, and VIP halls.

Outside the building complex, the interwoven aluminum panels on top of the glass curtain wall form a gigantic "bird nest" shaped like a horse hoof facing the “pearl crag”, where restaurants and service facilities are located.

March 24, 2007

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