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SIP Speeds Up Urban Greening Project to Build Ideal Living Environment

SIP Afforestation Committee held a working conference on March 12 to summarize the work in 2006, analyze the current situation, and assign tasks in greening projects in 2007. The conference issued the call to speed up the course of greening projects to contribute to the optimum living environment in SIP.

SIP Party Working Committee and Sipac have always attached great importance to the work of forestation, and have appropriated large amount of funds each year for the building and maintenance of landscaped green grounds. By the end of 2006, the total area of permanent green grounds in SIP had exceeded 17 million square meters, of which are 7.825 million square meters of public green lands and 9.266 river-bank green lands. Besides, there are 2.1874 million square meters of temporary green grounds. In 2007 will see additional 3.5 million square meters of permanent greenery and 2.15 temporary green lands with more artistic landscaping and color combinations.

Shi Yuchu, Chairman of SIP forestation Committee and Deputy Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, required at the conference that efforts be made to raise the quality of designing, construction, and management of green grounds, and to lose no time in the spring season to speed up the forestation process so as to contribute to the construction of ideal ecological environment in SIP.

March 14, 2007

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