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SIP to Forge the Strongest Competitive Edge

The governments of China and Singapore signed "Cooperation Agreement on Development and Construction of Suzhou Industrial Park" 13 years ago, and the two sides established consortiums respectively to implement the agreement on the first economic development zone in China in the mode of Sino-foreign cooperation on the governmental level with the feature of adaptation of foreign experience in economic and public administration.

The achievements of the development and construction of SIP over the past 13 years have caught the attention of the entire world. The comprehensive growth index of SIP has now jumped from the third to the second among national-level development zones of China, and SIP has been evaluated by MNCs as the foremost of the "top 20 development zones of China"

Statistics indicate that in SIP, a total of over 2,600 foreign-invested enterprises have been approved, of which are some 90 manufacturing projects invested by 66 Fortune-500 corporations, and over 3,000 manufacturers are clustered in complete industrial chains.

SIP, however, is not content of being a "world factory", but is endeavoring to upgrade the zone into a "world office". Over 3,000 enterprises are adopting outsourced logistic service to varying degrees, and a number of companies from the top 100 global outsourced services have entered SIP. It is expected that by the year 2010, there will be some dozen general contractors of FOB outsourced service, and over 100 major enterprises for outsourced service with a total of 10 billion RMB in service revenue, which will make SIP an internationally-known base for outsourced service.

SIP is at the same time a focus of attention for private enterprises. At present, there are 19 private enterprises that have assets of over 100 million RMB each, and 23 civilian-run enterprises with business income of over 100 million RMB each. Tow of them have been successfully listed at stock market. 310 private enterprises claim a registered capital of over 30 million RMB each, and 190 private enterprises have obtained the right to import and export.

The slogan of "made in SIP" is now turned into "created in SIP". New and hi-tech enterprises above the level of province now number over 100, and various carriers for technological innovation have been started in SIP, such as the national-level software park, the International Science Town, the Nanotech Park, the Creative Industry Park, and Sino-Singapore Science Hub, etc., which form a hi-tech industrial cluster of international competitiveness. Besides, SIP has introduced over a dozen institutions of higher learning and over 50 talent agencies and R&D institutions into the region.

Now the focus of construction is being switched from modern industrial park to modernized new urban district. The total employees in SIP have grown to 120,000, and the residents to 100,000, of which are over 8,000 expatriates. New landscaped sights are appearing from time to time, and over a dozen famous business brands, over 20 Chinese and foreign banks, and 30 prestigious special agencies are clustered in SIP, and a new urban town of internationalized, natural, harmonious, and scenic beauty is fast growing up.

During the "11th 5-year plan", SIP will focus on the 4 major objectives: to build up a superior manufacturing base, the most dynamic innovation system, the eastern new town of the most striking characteristics, and the harmonious SIP most fitting for living. SIP will strive maintain an annual growth rate of over 25%, and build the region into a zone of the highest level with the strongest competitive edge in China.

Feb. 26, 2007

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