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The 16th Film Festival Scheduled for October in Suzhou

The signing ceremony on the 16th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival was held in SIP on Feb. 15 between Suzhou Municipal People's government and China Film Artists Association, and the schedule for the event was set on October 24 to 27.

The festival is a great event jointly organized by China Literature and Art Federation and China Film Artists Association since 1992, previously known as Hundred Flowers Award by "Popular Film" and Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award evaluation.

Back in August 2006, Suzhou and China Film Artists Association signed an agreement on the permanent location of Golden Rooster Award evaluation in Suzhou, and this has a direct bearing on Suzhou being chosen for the site of film festival, decided through the traditional application procedure.

For many years, China Film Artists Association has hoped to set up a permanent base for the evaluation of the Golden Rooster Award, the highest award for Chinese films. The name Jinji Lake, literally meaning Golden Rooster Lake, is a happy coincidence that prompted the departments concerned in Suzhou to propose the permanent base by the lake, and the idea was endorsed by China Film Artists Association.

The award evaluation base is located on the eastern shore of Jinji Lake with an area of over 100 mu, which includes standard film projection hall, living accommodations for the evaluation committee members, the lakeside Jinji Award Park, an exhibition hall for Golden Rooster Award and Hundred Flower Award, and a water-born "Star Road".

The base is preparing to hold China Suzhou Jinji Lake Film Month and other activities, and at appropriate time, to host a thematic international film festival. The base will be ready to receive the evaluation committee members during the 26th China Golden Rooster Film Award in 2007.

Feb. 16, 2007

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