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SIP to Train and Turn Out 10,000 Hi-tech Talents Annually

In spite of the high concentration of talents in SIP, the shortage of high-level technological talents is still acutely felt. At the 2006 annual summary and citation conference on SIP scientific and technological innovation on Feb. 9, a message was released that SIP would rely on the tertiary institutions such as Soochow University and Suzhou Technology College to train various high-level and innovative types of talents in conjunction with improvement of market recruitment mechanism and network and the introduction of some hundred "head-hunting" companies into SIP. The expected capacity of talent training and introduction is 10,000 high-level talents of all kinds.

SIP achieved development by leaps and bounds in 2006 in scientific and technological innovation. Newly approved R&D institutions numbered 27, and 150 provincial-level hi-tech enterprises were authenticated. The output value of software reached 5 billion RMB. The initiation of CAS Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and Nanobionics stands for a breakthrough in introducing a frontline national-level research institute in Suzhou.

To cope with the problem of scanty high-level talents in SIP, the conference appealed that through 3 to 5 years' efforts, SIP would introduce 50 leading scientists and teams, 100 senior and intermediate talent agencies, and concentrate some 200 R&D institutions of various types, and 800 new and hi-tech enterprises, and another 3,000 enterprises of technological innovation, which would ensure a proportion of over 70% for hi-tech industrial output in the whole of SIP, making SIP the most competitive industrial highland with the most dynamic innovative system.

Feb. 10, 2007

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