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 "High Speed" of Bonded Logistic Operation in SIP

SIP Customs attracted 38 enterprises from Western regions to conduct their import and export in SIP in a short span of one year. These enterprises, from the 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, and Guanxi, all joined in the operation within SIP bonded Logistics Center on account of the high-speed customs clearance.

Ever since the operation of SIP Bonded Logistics Center in October 2004, the powerful functions of superior policies and excellent customs services have attracted over a thousand enterprises from 25 provinces into the area, and offered a new alternative for their logistics operation, which spurred on the development of enterprises of the Western regions.

The function of export rebate is currently the best solution for "one day tour out of Chinese boundaries" for domestic goods. The geographical position of the logistics center at the heart of the Yangtze delta, the powerful backup of manufacturing industries in SIP, and the location of suppliers and customers of the Western enterprises in the area created the great demands for logistic service on the part of the Western enterprises. In line with the strategic policy of development campaign in Western regions, SIP Customs has set forth a series of preferential policies for Western enterprises, including priority in inspection and approval of passage for goods from the West, consulting service, and round-the-clock appointment for customs and inspection procedures, etc.

In a short span of two year, SIP Bonded Logistics Center has built up a high-speed bonded logistics corridor, which has shortened the transportation distance for the upstream and downstream enterprises and reduced logistic cost with higher efficiency, bringing more profit to enterprises. People fondly call it a "golden bridge" spanning enterprises of the East and the West.

Jan. 29, 2007

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