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Jinghope Property Cherishes Love for the Old and Young

A Group of seniors headed by Mr. Yin Jialai representing Jinghope Property (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. came to Lianhua School and Home for the Aged in East Weiting District, SIP, to give aid to the needy students and the senior citizens in the Home for the Aged.

Jinghope Property, a real estate enterprise controlled by Singapore Jinghope Group, was previously known as Ren Heng Property (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Over the past ten years, Jinghope Property has always paid great attention to performing social responsibilities, and upon its entry into SIP, the company initiated an aid program for the needy students and those in Homes for the Aged. This time, the company is contributing aid for the second time.

Mr. Yin Jialai and his group first came to Lianhua School, where the recipient students of aid gave a report on their conditions of life and study, and Mr. Yin Jialai presented books and financial aid for their study with hopes that the students would redouble their efforts in study and repay the society and the teachers with excellent performance.

At the Home for the Aged in East Weiting District, Mr. Yin presented ten thousand yuan RMB charity fund as festival greetings for the senior citizens there and wished them happiness and good health.

Accompanying the group in these activities were Zhou Feng, Deputy Director of SIP Education Bureau, Shen Hongzhuan, Department Chief of SIP Bureau of Social Development, and leaders of Lianhua School and SIP No. 7 Middle School.

Jan. 31, 2007

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