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SIP Sets Up the 9th Post-doctor station

SIP Post-doctor Station of Digital City Center was officially inaugurated on Jan. 22 as the ninth post-doctor workstation in SIP with a staff of over 30 PhD and post-PhD researchers.

Suzhou Digital City Engineering Research Center, the first of its kind in the country, is a carrier of strategic cooperation between Suzhou Municipal People’s Government and PLA Information Engineering University, which has the technical superiority in the fields of geographical information, image censoring, satellite positioning, city 3D visual technology, and data bank technology. The setting of post-doctor station is an important measure to implement “Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Informationization” signed between the two sides, which aims to work out technical solutions for the long-term development of enterprises, to train senior talents, and to speed up the process of integration of education, research, and production. At present, two post-doctors are already at work in the station. Professor Wang Jiayao, post-doctorate tutor and member of China Engineering Academy, the station is planning post-doctorate enrollment throughout china for training in crucial technologies at the digital city center.

SIP Post-doctor workstation is an important carrier for technological innovation. Since the founding of the first station in the beginning of 2003, sub-stations have been set up in Shihong Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltdl., Kinglong United Auto Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., CAS IC Designing Center, SIP Ruibo Networking Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Non-ferrous Metal Processing Institute, CAS Nanotech Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Nanotech Institute, and Soochow University Weige Digital Optical Co., Ltd., etc., which are playing an active role in promoting technological industrialization and uplifting the international competitiveness of SIP.

Jan. 23, 2007

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