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SIP Neighborhood Center Cloned in 10 Provinces and Municipalities

The neighborhood center in SIP, generally been accepted as a new model of community business operation, has not only been elected by Ministry of Commerce as a commercial demonstration unit for communities, but is also being cloned on some dozen provinces and municipalities in China in the course of its continued improvement in management. The recent 2007 Community Business Development (Suzhou) Forum attracted a good number of participants from all over the country with the intent to join the franchised chain of neighborhood center as cooperation partners.

As the first non-official forum on community business in China, the meeting focused on the development status and prospect, issues, and solutions in the community business, with neighborhood center as the forerunner.

The neighborhood center was first established in SIP in 1997 by adapting the blueprint of "shopping center" of Singapore, and it has grown into a chain of 5 centers within SIP so far. The sixth center will soon come into being this year, and the number will increase to 10 by the year 2010. According to the planned deployment of commercial network in SIP, 17 neighborhood centers will eventually be developed and constructed.

"Community business is not the traditional businesses within the community, but instead, a business oriented to the service of the community." The form of neighborhood center offers a positive and effective experimentation in building up a new type of community business. A number of prestigious chain stores have been introduced into the neighborhood center, such as KFC, CRV, Li'an, and the recent comer Starbucks.

The brand name of neighborhood center has made much progress in expanding influence around the country, based on the laurel of famous brand of Jiangsu Province, famous brand of service industry of Jiangsu, and demonstration unit of national business circles, etc. The franchised chain is gathering momentum in the nation-wide cloning of neighborhood center. At present, alliance partners are found in Tongliao of Inner Mongolian, Xining of Qinghai Province, and other cities.

Jan. 19, 2007

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