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Microsoft "IP Venture Demo Zone" Attracts Software Enterprises of Suzhou

A briefing on Microsoft "IP Venture Demo Zone" projects was held jointly by International Science Park and Microsoft China in SIP International Science Park (Suzhou Software Park) on Jan. 16 following the establishment of the "IP Venture Demo Zone" earlier this month, which aimed to promote cooperation between Microsoft and software enterprises in Suzhou through cost-effective research and development and technological innovation. Many software enterprises from SIP and Kunshan Software Park took keen interest in the briefing.

At the briefing, Hunan Tuowei Information System Stock Ltd., the first domestic enterprise to benefit from Microsoft patented technology, made a presentation on the Microsoft-authorized IP venture project of "personalized facial cartoon", which showed promising prospect for market application.

Technological experts from Microsoft gave detailed explanations and demonstration on over 30 items of technologies in the "IP Venture Demo Zone", many of which had close bearing on the set-in development and 3D technologies.

Jan. 19, 2007

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