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Snail Game Wins Export Championships

The traditional superiority of Suzhou's animation industry in China was recently accentuated by the good news that Snail Game, an enterprise in active implementation of internationalization strategy in the national-level animation industrial base in Suzhou International Science Park, won the  championships of export of network games from in China for the year 2006.

"Voyage Century", a classic online game created by Snail Game through several years' efforts to achieve maturity in technology and market impact, has been exported to some dozen countries like Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Spain, USA, and Canada with a total export amount of over 3 million Euros. Last year, Snail launched the self-developed large-scale 3D game online "Age of Armor" and was warmly received as a bestseller in Japan. The steady sales of Snail Game's products around the globe ensured the company's key position in China's game export.

By speeding up its process of internationalization and sales campaign in 2006, Snail Game established cooperation relations with many influential game carriers in Europe and Asia, and through contract with the American Sky Union, successfully entered the North American market. At the annual E3 Game Exhibition, the highest international game fair, Snail Game was one the only three game producers from China. Recently, "Age of Armor" claimed a special column at the well-known Japanese online game website 4Gamer for its exquisite pictures and rich contents. "The Little School", one of the three major animation publishers in Japan, is currently planning together with Snail Game to publish serial cartoons in both Chinese and Japanese languages with Chinese authors taking up the writing and drawings.

Snail Game has now made plans to set up an office in Japan to further promote Chinese national games as part of the efforts to change the situation in which Japanese, European and American games dominate the world game arena. The successful entry of Snail into Europe, America and Japan marks an important signal that the international strategy of the national games of China is making headway to the mainstream international game market.

Jan. 16, 2007

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