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Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Ushers In First 15 Projects

A signing ceremony was held on the afternoon of Jan. 14 for the first 15 projects to enter Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park. The ceremony waw presided over by Qiu He, Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province and attended by Liang Baohua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Governor of Jiangsu, Wang Rong, Executive Member of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, leaders of provincial departments concerned, and municipal leaders of Suzhou and Suqian, etc.

Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park is located in the new urban area of Suqian with an area of 10 square kilometers and a population of 80,000. By adapting the successful experience of SIP in planning and construction and in conjunction with the specific local conditions, Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park will give priority to the advanced and pragmatic nature of the planning with full attention to integrated utilization, economic results, and environmental protection. According to agreement between the two municipalities, Suzhou will play the main role in the operation of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park, and a relatively independent administrative organ will be set up to perform the market-driven development and financing functions of the zone in a rolling progress. The first 15 projects cover the fields of textiles, building materials, and chemical industry, and 8 of them are foreign-invested projects with a total investment of USD 363 million, and 7 are domestic projects with a total investment of 420 million RMB.

Wang Rong said at the signing ceremony that the entry of the first projects in Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park marked the great advancement in the cooperation between the two municipalities as well as a major innovation in the cooperation mechanism and system. He hoped that Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park would make innovative efforts in the system building and give full play to the market mechanism and the government service and provide excellent service to the enterprises in the park.

Zhang Xinshi, Secretary of CPC Suqian Municipal Committee, expressed congratulations on the initiating projects on behalf of the municipal Party committee and government, and pledged that the local authorities would give firm and unconditional support to the construction of the industrial park, and implement conscientiously all the preferential policies in project approval, land use, environmental protection, power and water supply, and labor recruitment to speed up the construction of the industrial park.

Jan. 15, 2007

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