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SIP Sets Up the First Microsoft "IP Venture Demo Zone" in China

The first "Microsoft Patented Technology Zone" was founded in SIP lately at SIP International Science Town (Suzhou Software Park), and for this purpose, a "Microsoft Patented Technology Authorization Briefing" will be held on Jan. 16.

To promote the growth of software enterprises in the Suzhou region, SIP Int'l Science Town has carried out in-depth cooperation with Microsoft China Co., Ltd. to introduce the most advanced patented technologies, and within the framework of the allied laboratory of Suzhou Software Park and Microsoft, founded the "IP Venture Demo Zone", which will regularly demonstrate Microsoft patented technologies and procedures by video shows.

As a global leader in software industry, Microsoft makes large numbers of research achievements every year, most of which are applied in Microsoft products, but there is a considerable number of intellectual property rights and patented technologies yet to be applied to existing products. Microsoft is desirous of sharing these technologies with developers through the scheme of IP venture, on the basis of which the software developers will develop their own software products at greater speed with less risk in investment.

To enable enterprises to better understand the patented technologies of Microsoft, SIP International Science Town (Suzhou Software Park) will organize a presentation on "Microsoft IP venture" at Science Plaza of SIP Int'l Science Town on Jan. 16, at which Microsoft Corporation will introduce the patented technology projects and demonstrate some dozen patented technologies for software enterprises.

The "IP Venture Zone" will provide software enterprises with experience in patented technologies for further application, and both SIP International Science Town and Microsoft hopes to enhance the innovation and reduce development cost for software developers through the project.

Jan. 10, 2007

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