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Microsoft Net Club Union Expands in Suzhou

Suzhou Net Club, jointly organized by SIP International Science Town (Suzhou Software Park) and Microsoft, was officially founded on Jan. 6 as the second Microsoft Net club in Jiangsu Province. Based on the platform of the Net Club, the software development technicians and amateurs in and outside of the Int'l Science Town will carry out periodical training and exchanges to share Microsoft technologies and experience in their professional development. The Int'l Science Town and Microsoft will deepen their cooperation and render technical support for training in Microsoft advanced technologies among the club members. The learning and exchange in latest Microsoft technologies and products, such as Beta editions, will help the members to improve their concept and vision in Microsoft technology and culture in their professional career.

Suzhou Net Club's next off-line exchange activity will be LOVE@Community, a national touring technological demonstration in the nature of training and exchange among club members, aimed to offer an off-line exchange platform for development lovers in the Suzhou region with face-to-face communication with Microsoft lecturers, Participants may also have the chance to get complimentary Vista beta2 discs.
Jan. 10, 2007

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