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Suzhou Surprises the World with Independent Innovation Capability

The Suzhou-made Higer passenger coach became the biggest winner by capturing 3 major innovation awards in auto industry at the recent "independent innovation evaluation campaign", the highest level of competition in China's auto industry, which offers a convincing example of Suzhou's eye-catching independent innovation capability.

Candidates for "Major Innovation Achievements in China's Auto Industry" are those innovative products of new generations with landmark significance in upgrading technology and important impact on the auto market. The three models of Higer coaches are Higer KLQ6796 coach, proven with outstanding performance at Asian Games in Doha, Higer KLQ6118G, the environment-friendly and energy-saving hydrogen-fueled battery-operated urban bus, and Higer KLQ6128Q, the most eye-catching product through Sino-foreign cooperation in 2006 in European IV exhaust standard. These coaches represent the latest achievements of continued technological innovation by Suzhou Kinglong Company and the trend of development in China's passenger coach manufacturing.

Through the implementation of "Decision on Enhancement of Independent Innovative Capability and Building a New Type of City", formulated by Suzhou Municipality, Suzhou is striving to build the city into a city with powerful innovation impetus and capability in 10 to 15 years' time. The persistent endeavor has been demonstrated by the large number of cooperation projects in Suzhou, such as the establishment of CAS Suzhou Nano-tech and Nano-bionics Institute, and R&D centers of such multinational corporations as Philips, Motorola, and BanQ, etc.

Jan. 7, 2007

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