SIP to Build 4 Demonstration Zones in 3-5 Years  12/31/2007
Suzhou Software Testing Center Passes CMMI Grade-3 Evaluation  12/28/2007
Air China Cargo Introduces Connected Land-and-air Transportation  12/27/2007
SIP International Shipping Co. Awarded "AAA Credibility"  12/26/2007
SIP Holds 2007 Audit Training  12/26/2007
Hong Kong ICAC Delegation Visits SIP  12/25/2007
SIP Sets Up the First International Cooperation Project Under Ministerial Approval  12/23/2007
The First China-Korea APA Signed in Suzhou  12/23/2007
SIP Association of Private Enterprises Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Raises Million RMB Charity Fund  12/22/2007
New Upsurge in Cooperation and Coordination Among SIP Industries  12/21/2007
Towngas and Qingyuan Water Works Build United Service Network  12/20/2007
Bingling Library and Modern Building Win "Lu Ban" Awards  12/20/2007
SIP Charity Federation and IDEMA Sponsor Golf Game to Raise Charity Fund  12/19/2007
Suzhou Launches 10,000-Mb Ethernet Switch Chips  12/19/2007
"SEPG" China 2007 Conference Unveiled in Suzhou  12/18/2007
SIP Awards Scholarships in Beijing  12/16/2007
Spanish Film Week Begins at Science and Arts Center  12/16/2007
AMD Appoints VP to Take Charge of "Accelerated Computing"  12/16/2007
The 4th China Game Industry Annual Conference Soon to Convene in Suzhou  12/12/2007
US International Outsourcing Delegation Seeks Partnership in SIP  12/12/2007
Sun Hung Kai Properties Aligns Genway in Land Acquisition  12/09/2007
Korean IBK Opens Suzhou Branch  12/09/2007
SIPUD Signs MOU with Korean CUZCO Group  12/09/2007
Second SIPAFI Council Held Second Session  12/07/2007
Genway Group Rises to Top 500  12/03/2007
Hasegawa Flavors Co. Enters SIP  12/01/2007
SIP Draws Blueprint for Eastern New City  11/29/2007
SIP to Build Cultural Oasis  11/29/2007
What has SIP Brought to China?  11/28/2007
Zhou Weiqiang Meets Italian Guests  11/28/2007
The Largest Pleasure Boat on Jinji Lake  11/26/2007
Patented Famous Brands Fair Opens in Suzhou  11/25/2007
Active Service Begins in the First Comprehensive Bonded Zone in China  11/20/2007
China International Nanotech Innovation Park Gets Underway  11/20/2007
New Leaps in Tourism in SIP  11/19/2007
The World's Largest IC Test Systems Supplier Enters Suzhou  11/18/2007
China-Singapore Science Hub Inaugurated  11/18/2007
Liang Baohua Meets Goh Chok Tong  11/18/2007
SIP HR Agents Association Holds Work Conference  11/18/2007
China Hi-tech Industrial Investment Fund Approved in SIP  11/09/2007
GIF Research Center Opens in Suzhou  11/09/2007
Yan Li Meets Lee Yi Shyan  11/09/2007
British Cabinet Minister Visits Suzhou  11/05/2007
SIP Holds Seminar on Green Architecture  11/03/2007
Theis Precision Steel Co. Opens in Weiting Township  11/03/2007
Ching Leung Hi-tech Opens in Loufeng Township  11/02/2007
Suzhou Monorail Project to Commence Construction Before the End of the Year  11/02/2007
SIP Gives Presentation in Beijing and Qinghua Universities  11/02/2007
China Water Expo Shifted to Suzhou  11/02/2007
National Architecture Exhibition Landed in Suzhou  11/02/2007
IBM Backs Up Suzhou In Innovation  11/01/2007
Starkey Donates Hearing Aid to Special Olympic Game Athlete  11/01/2007
Zenit Pumps (Suzhou) Co. Opens in Shengpu Township  11/01/2007
USTC Software College Unveiled at Dushu Lake  10/29/2007
SIP Participates in the 6th Yew York International Outsourcing Exhibition  10/28/2007
Chongyuan Monastery Soon to Be Completed  10/26/2007
Shinko-Shoji Material Joins SIP Industrial Chain  10/26/2007
SIP Holds forum on Outsourced Service and Technological Cooperation in USA  10/25/2007
International Nanotech Symposium Opens in Suzhou  10/22/2007
SIP IPR Service Platform Unveiled  10/22/2007
600 manufacturers Swarm at 2007 Suzhou eMEX  10/19/2007
Regalia Hotel Opens at Ligongdi  10/18/2007
Korean SK Security Acquires Two Office Buildings in Suzhou  10/18/2007
British Scholars Visit Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University  10/18/2007
AMD Joins Eclipse to Forge Strong Alliance  10/18/2007
AMD Wins 2007 Best Supplier Award of Sun Inc.  10/18/2007
Samsung Electronics Hits 10 Billion RMB Sales  10/16/2007
Top Tiger Technology Invests in Warehousing Facility in Loufeng Township  10/13/2007
Suzhou Logistics Center Implements "Outbound" Strategy  10/12/2007
A 400-meter Skyscraper to Rise in Suzhou  10/11/2007
AMD's Opteron Processor Launched in Beijing  10/11/2007
Wharf Holdings Allies with SIP Property for the Biggest Win of Land Tender  10/11/2007
Suzhou's "Virtual Airport" Opens for Import and Export "Direct Flight"  10/09/2007
Foundation Laid for SIP Xingwan School  10/08/2007
Retired SIP Government Officials Visit Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park  10/06/2007
A New Taoist Temple to Be Erected in East Suzhou  10/05/2007
Outlet Center Opens in SIP  10/03/2007
Nanjing University Bio-pharmaceutical Engineering Center Inaugurated  10/03/2007
SIP Presentation on Comprehensive Bonded Zone  09/27/2007
Wang Rong Meets Senior L'Oreal Official  09/26/2007
AMD Adds 3-Core Processors to Production Plan  09/25/2007
Koyo Heat Exchange (Suzhou) Co. Starts Business Operation  09/25/2007
Saflex PVB Project Enters SIP  09/24/2007
Suzhou Int'l Science Park to Cooperate with Microsoft in Establishing Embedded Software Center  09/21/2007
2007 China Computer Forum to Be Held in Suzhou  09/21/2007
Anno Safety Consulting Holds Autumn Seminar in SIP  09/21/2007
Higer Coach Awarded "Famous Chinese Brand"  09/21/2007
UPG Suzhou Plant Certified for ISO-13485  09/16/2007
Hans Laser to Build R&D Center in Suzhou  09/16/2007
Clusters of Laboratories Spring Up at Dushu Lake  09/16/2007
The Gigantic 4-ton Drum Erected at Chongyuan Monastery  09/14/2007
Regalia Resort Hotel Opens at Li Gong Di Island  09/14/2007
SIP Financial Revenue Hits Record High in August  09/14/2007
First Drive-through McDonalds in Suzhou to Open in Weiting Township  09/13/2007
SIP Environment for IPR Protection in Constant Improvement  09/13/2007
Tomkins: Be a good enterprise citizen with responsible attitude for the community  09/11/2007
Patent Application in SIP: an Eruption Phenomenon  09/10/2007
Shengpu Experimental Primary School Completed  09/10/2007
Suzhou-designed SUV Makes Debut  09/09/2007
SIP Holds IPR Forum  09/09/2007
Kubota Exports 500 Combines to Thailand  09/05/2007
Delegation of University of Salford (UK) Visits SIPIVT  09/05/2007
The Neighborhood Center to Make Debut in Suqian Industrial Park  09/03/2007
Chinese Films Golden Rooster Award Evaluation Base Commissioned for Use in Suzhou  09/03/2007
Lifestyle Leisure Zone Takes Shape at Yuanrong Times Square  09/03/2007
SIP to Builds a New 9-year Compulsory Education School  08/30/2007
"Comprehensive Bonded Zone" Completed in SIP  08/30/2007
440,000 RMB Aid to 500 Needy Students  08/30/2007
West-of-Lake Communities Switch to Digital TV  08/29/2007
3-Km Electric Cable to Thrust Lake Bottom  08/29/2007
A Poetic Scene Over Jinji Lake  08/29/2007
Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Attracts 2 Billion RMB Investment in 6 Months  08/26/2007
SIPHRD.Com Boasts a Million Registered Members  08/24/2007
Software Testing Center Trains Engineers for Industry & Commerce Information Center  08/24/2007
SIP Organizes Special Training in Outsourced Service  08/22/2007
"SPF-epaper" – A New Channel of Publicity  08/22/2007
Suzhou's Virtualized Logistic Network Backs Up China's Manufacturing Industry  08/21/2007
APP Sets Up World-class Pulp R&D Center in Suzhou  08/21/2007
UPS Logistics Settles in SIP  08/21/2007
Shanghai Pudong New District Study Group Visits Suzhou  08/21/2007
Suzsoft Secures 48-million-dollar US Investment  08/17/2007
SJEC Receives the Biggest Order of Escalators in Asia  08/17/2007
Large Bas-relief to Appear by Dushu Lake  08/16/2007
All eMEX Stands Booked Up  08/16/2007
Yayi Technology Signs into Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park  08/13/2007
SIP Takes On New Momentum in Semiconductor and Outsourced Service Industry  08/12/2007
Faraday Technology Intensifies Operation in Suzhou  08/11/2007
Qimonda R&D Center to Move into SIP  08/10/2007
Suzhou Science, Technology, Cultural and Art Center Appropriated with Provincial Special Tourism Fund  08/09/2007
Laotian Guest Visit SIP  08/09/2007
Yan Li Meets Laotian Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat  08/09/2007
Singaporeans in Suzhou Celebrate National Day  08/09/2007
The First Industrial Project of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Commences  08/03/2007
Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Obtains First Loan of 600 Million RMB from National Development Bank  08/03/2007
SIP-IVT Elected as Jiangsu's First Demonstration Unit for Vocational Education  08/03/2007
The World's Largest Chocolate Producer to Build Factory in Suzhou  08/02/2007
AQA Authentication Base Gets Underway in SIP  08/02/2007
FamilyMart Network Extends to Suzhou  08/01/2007
SIP Aims to Be Internationally Most Competitive  07/29/2007
Jin Hua Optical Co. Starts Operation in SIP  07/27/2007
New Technologies from IBM and AMD Introduced in Suzhou  07/27/2007
Over 600 Enterprises to Gather at the 6th Suzhou eMEX  07/27/2007
CPP-Fischer's Precision Plastic Production Commences in Lougeng Township  07/26/2007
The Korean WOORIBANK Suzhou Branch Opens Business  07/24/2007
SIP and Urban Districts Interlinked in Sewer System  07/24/2007
Xi'an Jiaotong University Graduate School Extends Regional Education  07/23/2007
A Hinterland Port Makes a Brand-new Platform for SIP Development  07/21/2007
SIP Int'l Science Park Claims Half of Outsourced Software Service of the Province  07/21/2007
Suzhou Delegation Makes Field Survey in Laos on "Going-Out" Strategy  07/20/2007
SIP IC Designing and Manufacturing Elected to Be National Experimentation for Industrial Cluster  07/18/2007
Industrial Land Parcels in SIP Sold through Public Bidding for the First Time  07/17/2007
NCS and SIP to Jointly Develop Outsourced Service  07/15/2007
Wu Yi Calls on China-Singapore Economic Cooperation for Better Future  07/14/2007
"Father of Apache" Visits Int'l Science Park  07/14/2007
Bonded Logistic Center Does 10-Billion-dollar Business in First Half of the Year  07/13/2007
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Met Wu Yi  07/12/2007
SIP China-Singapore Joint Steering Council Met for 9th Session  07/12/2007
Zhongke IC Certified as Provincial Hi-tech Enterprise  07/12/2007
Wu Yi Leave for Singapore to Attend Bilateral Meeting  07/09/2007
Suzhou Science, Technology, Culture and Art Center Tries Lighting Effect  07/07/2007
Wu Yi to Attend Meeting in Singapore  07/06/2007
China's First "Outsourced Service Demonstration Base" Designated to SIP  07/06/2007
Cold Spring Harbor Lab Asian Convention Center to Locate in Suzhou  07/05/2007
Grundfos R&D China Commences Operation in SIP  07/05/2007
Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Welcomes the First Foreign-invested Enterprise  07/05/2007
CSVC Steps Up Involvement in Bionanotechnology  07/05/2007
Yumex Co. Starts Operation  06/30/2007
SIP to Build the Third National Innovation Park  06/30/2007
Investment in Bio-Medicine Exceeds 10 Billion RMB in SIP  06/28/2007
Bruderer Machinery Plant Goes into Operation in SIP  06/28/2007
Nanjing University Sets Up Bio-medical Industrial Research Center in SIP  06/27/2007
Suzou Software Testing Center Invited to Microsoft SaaS Summit Meeting  06/27/2007
Suzhou's Animation Industry Sets Up Trade Association  06/24/2007
Suzhou Delwich International School Inaugurated  06/24/2007
SIP Holds First Sino-European Logistics Forum  06/22/2007
UK Parliament Delegation Visits Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University  06/22/2007
SIP Export Processing Zone (B) Endorses Tie-Up Declaration  06/21/2007
Boler Thyssen Welding Opens Business in SIP  06/21/2007
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore  06/20/2007
SIP Plans the Biggest Urban Lake Park in China  06/20/2007
IEWC to Build Cable Plant in Weiting Township  06/20/2007
CAS Suzhou Nanotech Institute Embarks on Industrialization  06/19/2007
SIP to Cooperate with HK and Finland in Nanotech  06/19/2007
Wankuan Digital Animation Enters SIP Int'l Science Park  06/16/2007
Eaton to Build New Plant in SIP  06/16/2007
Auto Part Industry Thrives in SIP  06/14/2007
SIP Auto Industry Association Founded  06/12/2007
GC China Management HQ to Locate in SIP  06/12/2007
Qinyuan Plaza of Neighborhood Center Perfects Service Items  06/12/2007
Fuji Zerox Committed to China's Cycled Economy  06/11/2007
Vyncke (Suzhou) Clean Energy Technology Company Opens Operation in SIP  06/11/2007
Microsoft's Strategic Investment favors Suzhou Software Industry  06/10/2007
China's Semiconductor Industry to Realize "Green Packaging"  06/10/2007
The First Japanese Investment Company Enters SIP  06/09/2007
Ambassador Zhang Xiaokang Discusses with Nanotech Experts of Singapore  06/09/2007
Chinese and Foreign Children Get Together in "June 1" Festival Celebration  06/05/2007
OVT's Acquisition of China WLCSP Ltd. Makes Successful Exit of Infinity-CSVC  06/01/2007
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Celebrates First Anniversary  05/30/2007
China's Largest Purification Equipment Production Base Gets Under Way  05/30/2007
Flowserve to Build Up Supremacy by Localization  05/30/2007
Energy Consumption Evaluation: A Precondition for Project Approval  05/24/2007
SIP Employment Agent Market Opens for Service  05/23/2007
SIP Chinese Consortium Holds Shareholders Meeting  05/23/2007
Fortune-500 Avery Dennison Suzhou Plant Goes into Operation  05/18/2007
Japanese-invested Hoshizaki Plant Opens Business in Suzhou  05/17/2007
Jiuyang Group Lays Foundation in Shengpu Township  05/15/2007
The First SIP Market of HR Agents Soon to Open  05/14/2007
Over 30 Fortune-500 Enterprises Set Up R&D Centers in Suzhou  05/14/2007
Samsung to Seek Global Supremacy From Suzhou Foothold  05/13/2007
Andrew Communication Elected to Top 100 Enterprises for Software Revenue  05/12/2007
Second Rosti Plant in SIP Starts Operation  05/12/2007
Wang Rong and Yan Li Meet Laotian Vice-premier  05/11/2007
SIP Stages Marketing Campaign in Wuhan and Chengdu for Technological Cooperation  05/08/2007
SIP Breeds Job Creation  05/06/2007
Oracle Training Class Opens in SIP  05/06/2007
Suzhou Software Testing Center Listed as Major Provincial Project  05/05/2007
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University to Play Exemplary Role  05/05/2007
The 2nd Academician (Expert) Suzhou Forum Convenes in SIP  04/29/2007
"2007 Software Jiangsu Tour" Sets Outs from SIP  04/29/2007
Taiwan-invested Super Dragon Environment Technology Sited in Suzhou  04/29/2007
Billionton Technology Starts Operation in Loufeng Township  04/25/2007
Spansion (China) Wins Top Honor in "Best Employers" Poll  04/24/2007
Norautron Technology Enters SIP  04/23/2007
Suzhou Software Testing Center Wins Microsoft "Innovation Hero" Award  04/22/2007
Soochow University and CAS to Cooperate in Nanotech Research  04/22/2007
Dorma's Largest Plant Opens in Suzhou  04/22/2007
Spansion Wins No.1 of both "Hewitt Top 10 Best Employers in China" and "Hewitt Top 20 Best Employers in Asia" Awards  04/21/2007
Suzhou Delwich British International School Obtains Approval  04/20/2007
SCA Packaging Builds the Largest Asian Base in SIP  04/20/2007
Wang Jinhua Meets Israeli Consul General in Shanhai  04/20/2007
Suzhou's Industrial Output Value Hit 400 Billion RMB in the First Quarter  04/19/2007
FUJIFILM Makes Major Move in Printing Industry in China  04/19/2007
Suzhou-based Taiwan Entrepreneurs Survey SSIP  04/19/2007
Flowserve Marches Into China's Energy Market  04/19/2007
Economic and Trade Delegation of Bangladesh Visits SIP  04/18/2007
Governor Liang Baohua Meets Guests from Singapore  04/18/2007
First Foreign Insurance Business Dept. Set Up in SIP  04/16/2007
Microsoft to Set Up First Innovation Center in Suzhou  04/14/2007
Wang Jinhua Meets Microsoft Global Vice-president  04/13/2007
A Successful Presentation in Tokyo on SIP New Industries  04/12/2007
Microsoft VSTS Show Launched in Suzhou  04/12/2007
Ambassador Zhang Xiaokang Inspects CSSD Singapore Division  04/12/2007
Microsoft Trains Software Talents for Suzhou  04/12/2007
Foundation Laid in Suzhou for International College of the Renmin University  04/10/2007
MSA R&D Center Settles Down in SIP  04/10/2007
Municipal Leader Meets American Guests  04/10/2007
SIP Passes Provincial Examination for National Ecological Demonstration Park  04/10/2007
Zhang Weiguo Meets Chairman Essner of Wyeth-Ayerst Ltd.  04/09/2007
The First Taiwan-invested Auto Leasing Company Opens in Suzhou  04/05/2007
SIP-AEFI Gives Presentation on Bonded Logistics  04/03/2007
SIP Local Tax Exceeds 1.3 Billion RMB for the First Quarter  04/03/2007
The Fortune-500 Manpower Inc. Makes Presence in Suzhou  04/03/2007
US N.C. Business Delegation Visits Suzhou  04/01/2007
The Largest Sino-Indian Cooperation Project on Outsourced Software Service to Locate in Suzhou  04/01/2007
Austrian Minister of Labor and Economy Visits Suzhou  03/29/2007
Suzhou Logistic Center Honored with Top Grade  03/28/2007
Suzhou STCA Center to Open in October  03/26/2007
Qimonda to Double Production with 2.4 Billion RMB  03/24/2007
FujiFilm Printing Forme Suzhou Co. to Open in April  03/24/2007
Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Plans Approved Through Experts' Evaluation  03/24/2007
SIP Focus on "Chinese Service" to Promote Economic Restructure Upgrading  03/23/2007
Chongyuan Monastery to Be Rebuilt  03/22/2007
SIP Carries Out Exchange and Cooperation in Technological Innovation in Israel  03/22/2007
The "Bird Nest" of Suzhou  03/21/2007
Wang Rong Meets Newly Appointed Chinese Ambassador to Singapore  03/20/2007
Sika China HQ Building Completed in Suzhou  03/20/2007
German Montaplast Auto System Starts Operation in SIP  03/16/2007
SIP Speeds Up Urban Greening Project to Build Ideal Living Environment  03/14/2007
Private Enterprises in SIP Average 100,000 RMB in Tax Contribution  03/14/2007
Delegation of Singapore Foreign Ministry Visits Suzhou  03/14/2007
SIP to Build New Silicon Valley in 5 Years  03/13/2007
A Wide Array of Special Chinese and Foreign Tourist Commodities at Fair  03/12/2007
Chinese and Foreign Women Celebrate International Women’s Day at Gala Gathering  03/09/2007
Jeong Kwan Electronics Co. Enters Loufeng Township  03/09/2007
Deputy British Consul General in Shanghai Visits Xi'an Jiaotong & Liverpool University  03/08/2007
Int'l Science Park Listed as Popular Science Base  03/08/2007
SIP to Erect Sky-high Ferris Wheel  03/08/2007
Suzhou Metro Railway No.1 Line to Begin Construction in Late October  03/06/2007
New SIP Personnel Market Opens  03/06/2007
Samsung Adds 1 Billion RMB to Boost LCD Production Line in China  03/06/2007
Li Ka-shing Picks Up Suzhou for Cheung Kong Holdings' Real Estate Investment  03/04/2007
10,000 Applicants Swarm the New SIP HR Market  03/02/2007
Major Online Media Focus Attention on SIP  03/01/2007
SIP to Forge the Strongest Competitive Edge  02/28/2007
"Pre-tax Reduction and Exemption" to Promote Technological Development of SIP Domestic Enterprises  02/27/2007
SIP Import & Export Exceed USD 4 Billion in the First Month  02/26/2007
19 SIP Private Enterprises Become "100-Millionaires"  02/22/2007
Suzhou Metro Railway Planning Obtains Official Approved  02/21/2007
The 16th Film Festival Scheduled for October in Suzhou  02/20/2007
70-meter Fire Dragon to Deepen Festival Atmosphere at Jinji Lake  02/18/2007
Foundation Laid for Research Institute of Southeast University in Suzhou  02/18/2007
PFSS Phase-II Plant Completed  02/17/2007
SIP to Train and Turn Out 10,000 Hi-tech Talents Annually  02/17/2007
Huge Funds to Foster New Industrial Innovation Cluster in SIP  02/17/2007
Sevex Auto Accessory Project Completed at Weiting Township  02/17/2007
Suzsoft Awarded"Global Top 100 IT Service Providers"  02/13/2007
Eastward Expansion Becomes Priority in Suzhou's Urban Development  02/12/2007
Foreign Students in Contact with Chinese Folk Custom  02/12/2007
Mayor Yan Li Meets Singaporean Consul General in Shanghai  02/09/2007
Kubota's New Agro-machinery Manufacturing Base Starts Operation  02/05/2007
Resettlement Commences for "Yangcheng Home"  02/04/2007
GEM Centers to Produce Software Talents  02/04/2007
"High Speed" of Bonded Logistic Operation in SIP  02/04/2007
Neighborhood Center Awarded "Famous-brand Enterprise of Service Industry in the Province"  02/03/2007
Jinghope Property Cherishes Love for the Old and Young  02/03/2007
HSBC Opens First Sub-branch in Suzhou  02/01/2007
Tempstaff Sets Up Consultancy Co. in Suzhou  01/27/2007
Lifestyle International (HK) to Build Shopping Center in Suzhou  01/27/2007
SIP Foreign Trade Hits USD 50 Billion for the First Time  01/25/2007
The Lakeshore for Leisure  01/24/2007
Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town to Build a 10-Km2 "Arial Net"  01/24/2007
IC Cards Cover All of SIP in Medicare  01/24/2007
5 Provincial Famous Trademarks Added to SIP  01/24/2007
SIP Sets Up the 9th Post-doctor station  01/24/2007
SIP Neighborhood Center Cloned in 10 Provinces and Municipalities  01/23/2007
Snail Game Wins Top National Award for 3 Consecutive Years  01/22/2007
Microsoft "IP Venture Demo Zone" Attracts Software Enterprises of Suzhou  01/21/2007
SIP to Recruit 12,000 Software Talents in 2007  01/21/2007
Snail Game Wins Export Championships  01/21/2007
Hexin Electrical Lays Foundation for Auto Motor Plant  01/20/2007
SIP Agricultural General Census Cited for Efficient Performance  01/20/2007
Avision Fosters New Commercial Technology Project in Suzhou  01/20/2007
Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Ushers In First 15 Projects  01/15/2007
SIP Processing Zone Hits USD 10 Billion in Imp.& Exp.Volmue  01/13/2007
SIP Sets Up the First Microsoft “IP Venture Demo Zone” in China  01/13/2007
Microsoft Net Club Union Expands in Suzhou  01/13/2007
SIP Local Tax Hits 3.7 Billion RMB in 2006  01/11/2007
SIP Service Guiding Funds Assist Logistics Growth  01/11/2007
Suzhou Surprises the World with Independent Innovation Capability  01/11/2007
Foreign Banks Makes Headway in Jiangsu  01/11/2007
HK-invested Kowloon Hospital Holds Opening Ceremony  01/11/2007
CAS Leader Praises "Suzhou Speed"  01/03/2007
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