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SIP Post-PhD Workstation Sets Up the 8th Branch

Soochow University Weige Branch of SIP Post-PhD Workstation was inaugurated on Dec. 27 as the result of continued efforts in building the workstation into a new and hi-tech development and research base in SIP by absorbing senior talents and reinforcing R&D functions with international competitiveness.

There has been daily-increasing demands for senior talents in SIP in the course of in-depth development and construction in SIP. Since the establishment of SIP Post-PhD Workstation in 2003, SIP has been persevering in promoting the growth of new and hi-tech industries through technological innovations, and set up a series of branches in major enterprises, such as those in Shihong Technology, Suzhou Kinglong, Suzhou CAS, Nanotech Institute, etc. An administrative office was also set up to implement relevant policies concerning post-PhD research personnel and to provide research subsidies and other preferential treatments in housing, children’s education, and residence registration, etc.

The post-PhD workstation branch at Soochow University Weige Digital Optical Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise in precision laser imaging equipment development and research with 11 patent rights. Its micrometric-structured optical-color membrane plate has been applied in printing the second-generation ID cards in China.

Dec. 28, 2006


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