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Senior Minister Lee Kwan Yew Meets Luo Zhijun and Wang Rong

Senior Minister Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore met Luo Zhijun, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, and had a cordial talk with them. Both Luo and Wang stayed in Singapore to attend the senior civil servants' training course in urban planning and administration.

According to the agreement reached between Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary Li Chaoyuan and Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng of Singapore in August, Jiangsu province dispatched some 30 secretaries and mayors of municipalities and counties to Singapore to attend 11-day-long systematic training course in urban planning, construction and administration to learn the advanced concepts and successful practice of Singapore. Departments concerned in Singapore attached much importance to the training, and made meticulous preparations in coordination with Ministry of External Affairs and National University of Singapore.

Luo Zhijun gave Senior Minister Lee Kwan Yew an account of the training and conveyed the greetings from Provincial Party Secretary Li Chaoyuan and Governor Liang Baohua. Luo said that under the situation of fast industrialization, Jiangsu Province is faced with the task to raise the level of planning, construction and administration in the course of urbanization, and Secretary Lee Chaoyuan and Governor Liang Baohua had called on the leaders of municipalities and counties to solve the contradictions in the fast growth through rational urban development planning with vision for the future. He told the senior minister that the training in Singapore had been most rewarding, and  expanded the vision of the trainees.

Luo Zhijun said that the cooperation between the two sides, highlighted by the development of Suzhou Industrial Park, had helped to establish a special relations of friendship, and he hoped that such relations would play a better role in more extensive fields.

Lee Kwan Yew gave an introduction of the successful experience on Singapore and put forward specific suggestions in enhancing cooperation with Jiangsu Province. He said that the form of large-scale training in urban planning and administration was a well-thought-of measure, and the best advantage of Jiangsu lied in the talents and education. He said that it was based on the history, talents, and education in Jiangsu that Singapore had selected Suzhou as the site for the industrial park through China-Singapore cooperation 10 years ago.

Lee pointed out that China would be the most important country in Singapore's international cooperation, and the cooperation between Singapore and Jiangsu Province should not be limited to universities, but should also be carried out among high schools to turn out more pacesetters with mastery of two languages and two cultures. He suggested that one or two high schools be selected from Singapore and Nanjing to carry out exchanges and visits among the students of over 14 years of age, and this would bear positive results in 10 to 20 years of time. He concluded that the time had been mature for such exchanges.

Luo Zhijun expressed readiness to implement Lee's suggestion, and on behalf of Li Chaoyuan and Liang Baohua, he invited Lee Kwan Yew to revisit Jiangsu at appropriate time of next yeatr, for which Lee expressed his appreciation and delight to see the great changes in economic and social progress in Jiangsu.

Present at the meeting was Zhang Yun, Chinese Ambassador to Singapore.

Dec. 22, 2006


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