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SIP Local Taxation Hit Annual Target Ahead of Time

By December 5, SIP Local Taxation Bureau had realized local tax revenue of 3.57542 billion yuan RMB, which increased 27.09% as compared with the corresponding period of last year, fulfilling the annual target (3.5743 RMB) ahead of schedule. Of the total tax revenue, 3.47158 billion is contributed from municipal and county-level sources, with 25.92% increase and accounting fro 98.9% of the annual plan (3.51 billion RMB), and 103.84 million RMB by provincial sources, with 83.98% increase and accounting fro 161.49% of the annual plan (64.3 million RMB). Besides, the revenue from added fees for education and local education fees amounted to 126.17 million RMB, which increased by 32.18% in comparison with the corresponding period of last year.

Dec. 22, 2006


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