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Grundfos China R&D Center Enters Int'l Science Park

Grundfos China R&D Center and SIP International Science Park signed a final agreement on the entry of the corporate R&D institution into the science park on the morning of Dec. 20.

Headquartered in Denmark and founded in 1954, Grundfos Group is the world's largest manufacturer of water pumps, whose products of recyclable water pumps claim about 50% of the market shares in the world. Some 14,000 employees are working for Grundfos around the world. Grundfos built its first plant in SIP in 1995, and having conducted extensive surveys and investigations in China, Grundfos HQ decided to located its R&D China Center in SIP International Science Park to carry out new product development and research and technological improvements so as to speed up the expansion at the Chinese market and the adjacent Asian regions.

Soeren Ishoey, leader of Grundfos R&D China, expressed after the signing of the agreement that the environment and infrastructure at SIP International Science Park were most satisfactory and he himself is full of confidence in the development prospect of the R&D center.

Dec. 21, 2006


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