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Ligong Causeway to Open Business on Dec. 23

The scenic Ligong Causeway Street, designed and constructed by SIP Urban Development Company as a waterfront street of international folklore, is scheduled to open for business on Dec. 23 to add exotic flavors to the coming Christmas holiday.

To the joy of gourmets, there are on the street the "Old Farmstead", a Danish-style restaurant bar, run by a Dane with 18 years’ experience in F&B. "Tomatoism", is a novel Italian food restaurant highlighting tomato as the main ingredient of dishes, and the "Royal Beer Bar", a branch of HB Bar based in downtown Munich as one of the oldest and best preserved bar in Germany famous for the self-brewed root beer and pure barley beer, gives customers an authentic German drinking experience. Japanese and Korean foods are also represented here by "Korean emperor crabs" and the time-honored Japanese barbecue chain store.

Traditional local cuisine has also made its way into the gourmet street. A branch restaurant of Deyuelou on the causeway, with dining area facing the scenic Jinji Lake, offers "all-crab banquet" during the opening festival days. Another restaurant of local culinary culture, "the Wu Home", has everything connected with the Kunqu Opera, including the names of dining rooms and dishes. "Old Dongwu" is no less authentic in serving typical Suzhou food. And Chunlei Teahouse, entertains guests with tea and Suzhou-style pastry to the accompaniment of Suzhou ballad singing.

Bars, coffee bars, and chocolate bars are available, such as the "Maple Bridge Music Bar" in round-the-clock service and performance by European music band. "Jinhaihua 1890 club" is a deluxe private club, whereas Brussels Chocolate Bar, Meimei Tea & Restaurant, Yuchan Port Wine Coffee, etc., all afford vantage points for scenic beauty through their windows.

The causeway street now beckons customers for an enchanting Christmas festival.

Dec. 15, 2006


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