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CAS Symposium on Post Graduation Education Held in Suzhou

The annual CAS 2006 Symposium on Postgraduate Education was held in Suzhou on Nov. 21 by CAS Postgraduate School Office for Academic Degrees, aimed to build up a platform for exchange and communication among professional teachers of academic degree programs. Another item on the agenda is to review the industrial development and the demands for professional talents in Suzhou. The experts at the symposium gave high appraisal on the development of SIP and expressed their readiness to cooperate with Suzhou region in all-round training of talents for the regional development. CAS Postgraduate School, as the first approved by the State Council in China, has currently over 30,000 postgraduates at study, of whom 50% are on PhD programs. On the school faculty are over 300 academicians from CAS and China Engineering Academy and 4,500 professors. The all-round cooperation between CAS Postgraduate School and SIP will markedly ease the shortage of talents in the development of Suzhou.

Dec. 6, 2006


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