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SEPG Conference to Be Held in China for the First Time

The SEPG China 2006 Conference is now finalized to be held at International Science Park, SIP, on Dec. 6, featuring CMMI (a term commonly used to refer to the integration capability) as the main agenda. This major global event, which will jointly sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University and Suzhou Municipal Government, is to provide an arena to share experience of successes and for Chinese software enterprises to demonstrate to their world counterparts the achievements in CMMI. For software enterprises in Suzhou, it will be an opportunity to expand their vision of the world to prepare to rise to the highest level of software industry in China.

A high quality software development process lies chiefly in the sustained process reform to gradually raise the level of development maturity, and SEPG (software engineering process group) within a software enterprise is charged with such process improvement. Under the thematic topic of SEPG, the current conference will launch a series of speeches by experts of international prestige, such as “How to Win American Orders” by experts from Carnegie Mellon University, which will interest the software enterprises engaged in contracted development for Europe and America by the model and detailed evaluation of CMMI, the cream of CMMI1.2 edition and the latest evaluation method for CMMI, etc. Parallel interactive technological exchanges, symposia, information release and demonstration, and exhibitions will also be organized.

The CMMI certification, which signifies the lowering of software development risk not only to shorten the development cycle but also to reduce the cost of development and ensure the product quality, will be vital importance to enterprises to enter international market. Since the start of cooperation between Suzhou and Carnegie Mellon University three years ago, one software enterprise in Suzhou has passed the CMMI5 certification, 7 passed CMMI2-3 certification, and 4 in the process of CMMI2-3 certification, which put Suzhou on top of the list in Jiangsu Province. As an international brand name, SEPG conference in Suzhou will effectively raise the profile of Suzhou's software industry in China and the rest of the world.

Dec. 5, 2006


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