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Lindstrom Suzhou Company Opens Business

Lindstrom Group of Finland opened its first subsidiary outside of Europe, Lindstrom Textile Services (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., in SIP on Nov. 23. Among the attendees of the opening ceremony were Antti Kuosmanen, Finnish Ambassador to China, and Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee.

The 158-year-old Lindstrom Group is a global leader in workwear services solutions, which provides excellent services in textile lease and cleaning. Headquartered in Finland, the Group has set up two subsidiaries in Finland and a series of subsidiaries in Czech, Germany, UK, Hungary, Sweden, and Russia. The annual turnover is expected to reach 200 million Euros this year.

Lindstrom Suzhou Company is located in Suchun Workshop Complex in SIP, and its main business is to provide workwear lease and cleaning for domestic customers, which can save much manpower and cost for customers in workwear purchase, trial wear, and daily cleaning.

Nov. 24, 2006


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