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Nationalist Party Vice-chairman Jiang Bingkun
Attends A-DATA Opening Ceremony

Vice-chairman Jiang Bingkun of Nationalist Party attended the opening ceremony of the new plant of A-DATA Technology, the largest manufacturer of memory modules in Taiwan, in SIP on Nov. 22. It is the first time Jiang ever attended the opening ceremony of a Taiwan-invested enterprise on the Mainland.

In his speech, Jiang said that Suzhou, as one of the regions on the Mainland with a great concentration of Taiwan-invested enterprises, afforded Taiwan enterprises with growth opportunity in natural, geographical, and pro-business advantages, and since the implementation of the policy of reform and opening up advocated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, Taiwan businesses had been given the opportunity to develop on the Mainland. More enterprises have been coming along to invest in the Mainland since the visit by Lain Zhan and Song Chuyu.

Jiang said that Jiangsu was the center of China, whereas Suzhou was the center of Jiangsu. Since 1995, many enterprises from Taiwan, especially those of electronic industry, have begun to cluster around the Suzhou region. He also praised Suzhou as the best city for investment under government support.

A-DATA Technology was founded in 2001 and listed within 4 years as the second largest memory module units and the fourth largest flash memory manufacturer in the world. In its development strategy in the Mainland market, A-DATA Technology began to invest in SIP in 2003 to chiefly produce memory and flash memory discs.

Nov. 22, 2006


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