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Suzhou and Suqian to Build Development Zone through Joint Efforts

As was reported from the information release on "Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park" on Nov. 21, the mode of south-north regional cooperation in Jiangsu Province will take the form of joint construction of development zones in North Jiangsu with the purpose of sharing the regional resources of North Jiangsu and easing the overburdened land and environmental resources of South Jiangsu and the issues arising from conflicting labor cost and economic growth.

The south-north joint construction of development zones is part of the strategy of the provincial Party committee and government of Jiangsu to push forward the industrial transfer and optimize the industrial structure of South Jiangsu on the one hand, and to uplift the development speed and the level industrialization of North Jiangsu on the other. Ten development zones in North Jiangsu are involved in the implementation of the strategy. In each of them, an area will be designated for construction through joint efforts of the development zones of South Jiangsu and North Jiangsu. A development company will be invested by the two sides, while the development zone from South Jiangsu will take the overall responsibility of planning and marketing for investment. The two sides will share the benefits from the joint development zone in proportion to their investment shares.

Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park, one of the ten experimental development zones, is located in Sucheng District of Suqian Mincipality, with a total development area of approximately 10 square kilometers, and a start-up area of 2 km2. Apart from upgrading the traditional industries like light industry, food processing industry, textile and garment manufacturing, the investment promotion will focus on introduction of electronics, machinery, and technology-intensive manufacturing industries related to Suzhou, with backup service sector in logistics, commerce, and real estate development.

The Party working committee and administrative committee of Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park will be officially inaugurated in the coming December according plan, and preparations are being made in an orderly way for construction start-up in December.

Nov. 21, 2006

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