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Suzhou Software Testing Center Certified to National Level

A report from SIP International Science Park on Nov. 12 said that Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. successfully passed the on-spot evaluation and approval for the qualification of "Suzhou Branch of China National Software Testing Center".

China Software Testing Center is a national organization under Ministry of Information Industry and National Bureau of Quality Inspection, which is authorized to carry out inspection and test on computer software, hardware and network security, and modern IT services. The test reports issued by the Center is recognized among similar organizations in 49 countries and regions, and therefore, the authorized branch centers have vital influence in the country.

Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. is the organization in charge of the construction, operation and maintenance of Suzhou public technological service platform, and responsible to provide quality assurance service to software enterprises. It is equipped with world-class software and network testing tools in a testing environment of considerable scale, including mini-equipment, servers, workstations, and storage systems, managed by a devoted professional team with practical experience in software quality control, project management and testing management. Currently, the testing center has already built the only software testing laboratory in the province with national laboratory authentication, ISO9001:2000 quality Management System Certification, and Grade-III certificate for training programs from Ministry of Labor, and the certification by Ministry of Information Industry as professional performance evaluation workstation in electronic industry. It is under such circumstances that the testing center has applied to become "Suzhou Branch of National Software Testing Center" for the purpose of further uplifting its technical level and reinforcing its service capability.

During the all-day on-spot evaluation, detailed examinations were conducted in the status of the laboratory, technical equipment and environment, record files of quality factors by the experts’ group headed by Mr. Liu Chunlu, Chief Engineer of China Electronics & IT Development Research Institute and Mr. He Wei, QA Director of China Software Testing Center. The experts’ group gave full affirmation on the results of the evaluation and expressed high hopes on the future development of Suzhou Branch.

With the official approval as a branch of National Software Center, Suzhou Software Testing Center has become the only branch among the municipalities and prefectures of China. The branch will now unfold training, consulting, testing, authentication, quality inspection, and related services for software enterprises in Suzhou, and give guidance for standardized operation so as to improve the overall performance of the software enterprises in the Suzhou region.

Nov. 14, 2006


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