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A Major Laboratory Added to Dushu Lake Higher Education Town

Suzhou Wireless Network and Information Security Laboratory was officially located in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, SIP, which is jointly built by Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University and Management Office of Dushu Lake Higher Education Town. The laboratory has already signed service contracts with two enterprises from Shenzhen.
The laboratory is a major municipal-level laboratory approved by municipal authorities. The construction was carried out jointly by the Management Office of Dushu Lake Higher Education Town and Research Institute of Southeast University, while the local government and enterprises provided the investment fund of 6 million RMB. Even during the construction, the laboratory has started experiments in mobile communication calculation, divided exchange network security access, and mobile Internet trusteeship, and meanwhile, providing technological service to electronic and IT industries in Suzhou. Additionally, the laboratory functions as a experimentation platform for the teaching of Research Institute of Southeast Universtiy.

Nov. 11, 2006


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