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Governor Liang Baohua Meets Guests from Singapore

Liang Baohua, governor of Jiangsu Province, met Mr. Loh Wai Keong, Director of Singapore Software Project Office, and his group on the morning of Nov. 9, and had a cordial talk with the guests.

Liang Baohua extended a welcome to Mr. Loh Wai Keong for his visit to Jiangsu, saying that Suzhou Industrial Park has made remarkable progress in development and construction under the care and support of the leaders of the two counties, and that fruitful results have been gained in adapting the experience of Singapore in economic and public administration. The 8th session of China-Singapore Joint Steering council, held shortly before, has set forth new targets and tasks for the new stage of development in SIP. He hoped that the two sides would deepen their cooperation and build SIP into the most competitive and advanced development zone.

Mr. Loh Wai Keong thanked Liang Baohua for the warm reception, and said that Suzhou Industrial Park had been the most important project of cooperation between the two countries in the past ten years and based on the plentiful achievements, there was a bright prospect for further cooperation. He said that Singapore would join efforts with the Chinese side in supporting the development plans of SIP in the next ten years. The Software Project Office of Singapore is the authorized government department in charge of China-Singapore cooperation in the construction of SIP.

Present at the meeting were Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, and other responsible persons.

Nov. 10, 2006


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