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SEPG China 2006 Conference to Open in Suzhou

SEPG China 2006 Conference is now scheduled to convene from Dec. 6 to 8 at SIP International Science Park under joint sponsorship of Carnegie Mellon University of USA and Suzhou Municipal Government. It is going to be the first conference organized by Carnegie Mellon University through international software institute. The conference will be centered around the thematic topic, "achieving world-class competitiveness through process improvement", to share experience of success with those professionals in process improvement work and provide a showcase for Chinese software companies to demonstrate to the world their CMM an CMMI products and competitive edge.

Celebrated international experts are invited to give lectures and carry out exchanges with the audience face to face. Mr. John Wu, research fellow of Boeing Special Technology and a pioneer in CMM model as well as a frequent popular speaker at annual US SEPG conventions, will give a thematic speech on in-depth understanding of the models.

Steve Masters, a core member of CMMI evaluation group at the software engineering institute and capability development leader of the evaluation group, will also attend the conference to give a detailed presentation of the CMMI evaluation and the latest trend in CMMI 1.2 edition and the evaluation method of CMMI model.

Dr. Lynn Carter, special research fellow of Carnegie Mellon University and an artful speaker, will lecture on "how to win over orders from American companies", which will be an interesting topic for those Chinese software companies engaged in contracted software development for European and American market.

Dr. Kurt Akeley, GM and First Researcher of Microsoft Asian Research Institute, will also speak at the meeting from a unique approach of a non-professional to software quality.

Other speakers will include Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman of Orient Software Group, Dr. Andy Lai, GM of Hewlett-Packard Global Software Service Center (China), Dr. John Grasso, Director for Strategic Development and distance learning, and Mr. Zhao Rui, specialist of software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, etc.

Technological interactive activities will be carried out on parallel with the lectures, including symposiums, seminars, information release, demonstrations, and exhibitions, which are open to all delegations from software industrial bases, process improvement and CMM/CMMI consultancy agencies, organizations and professionals in CMM/CMMI models and process improvement, and other organizations and individuals in software development and training, investment, and services.

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Nov. 9, 2006


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